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May 2012 - #91

President's Piece

Greetings lovers of laughter,

I am writing this on Anzac Day.  What a wonderful day it is to practice gratitude.  People interviewed in the media all remark on how grateful they are to the Anzacs, both past and present, who keep or have kept us safe from harm.  I say ... Very good, very good.  Yayyy! to each and eveyone of them.  Gratitude is a wonderful thing.  It keeps us focused on what we have, not what we don't have.  I strive to live in an attitude of gratitude.  It helps me stay positive and powerful within.  It also helps to attract more good into my life.  I am grateful for the not so happy things too, there is always a gift there somewhere.

One of the things I am most grateful for is Laughter Yoga!  I am grateful to Dr Madan Kataria for coming up with a brilliant way to help our wonderful world.  We are all Powerful Healers through unconditional laughter. Spreading the vibe and it's benefits is a most awesome thing for us to do.

World Laughter Day is about to explode across the world.  So go for it everyone, don't hold back.  Hands up ... Smile into a big belly laugh, Ho ho ha ha ha multiplied.  I'm so very grateful ... very good, very good. Yayyyyy.

With Love and Gratitude
Aka the "shiner' Ho ho ha ha ha!

World Laughter Day

World Peace Through Laughter will be the theme on Sunday 6th May between 11:00am and midday  in Melbourne at Federation Square in St Paul's Court.

LCV Will celebrate World Laughter Day, along with more than 6,000 clubs in over 60 countries around the world offering laughter and fun for people of all ages.  The community event is being sponsored and supported by Federation Square.

The Chair of the LCV WLD Committee Mahes Karuppiah-Quillen says "laughter is a power tool to accentuate positivity, create happiness, and infuse optimism to bring about hope and propensity for life and living, a much needed resource for surmounting problems of the 21st centuary and in creating world peace".

Members from a number of LCV clubs present on WLD will come along with their favourite laughs for everyone to join in and share together.  We'll also be looking for the male, female and child with the best laugh - it will be open to anybody who wants to try out for the honour. 

Contact Mahes on 0431 166 002 or email if you want to know more about this funfilled hour to celebrate WLD.

People living in the north of Victoria can head to Myrtleford on WLD where they will be celebration 'Laughter the Italian Way' at 1:00pm in the Myrtleford Neighbourhood Centre next to Memorial Hall, Myrtle Street.  The free laughter session will be run by certified leaders.  LL Kym 0431 329 840 tells us that Italy has 23 laughter clubs from Abruzzo to Veneto.

Down in the south west of Victoria at Heywood people are being asked to gather at the Town Green before 11:30am on Sunday 6th May for a half hour laughter session.  LL Julie Hart 0418 106 375 says everyone is welcome to be there to hear Dr Madan Kataria's special WLD message.  Afterwards, weather permitting, a picnic will follow nearby in the Lions Park.

Laughers at WLD 2011 in Federation Square

Club News


Williamstown:  4th Saturday in the month | 9:30am | Nelson Place Williamstown near the rotunda.  A call went out for laughers to meet on the foreshore in beautiful iconic Willisamstown recently for a laughter session to be filmed for a segment to be aired on the TV show 'The Circle'.  As soon as LL Josie 0409 357 757 knows when it is going to be shown she will pass on the information so we can all watch it.

Insurance:  Clubs, particularly those who run outdoor sessions, will be contacted shortly about the matter of Public Liability Insurance.  LCVi offers clubs who are registered and listed under our umbrella to come under our policy.  To cover the cost of the insurances some clubs run fundraising events, raffles, etc. or just ask their members for donations.  If you wish to subscribe contact Secretary Colleen at for further information.

Preston:  Watch this space - details will be published next month.

Laughter Yoga Leader Training Workshop:  A number of people are keen to participate in our next workshop and dates and venues are currently being explored.  If you are interested in booking a place contact Secretary Colleen and put your name down..


The exciting news I promised to pass on in this edition ....... read on

Get Started who have supported us for over 6 years administrating and hosting our website and our email newsletter addresses have generously offered to sponsor an upgrade to the new Trumpeter version of email marketing system which is how our newsletter will be coming to you soon.  It is an improved more user friendly version and the 'challenges' experienced previously by your Editor (thank you for your understanding and patience as they were overcome) will be a thing of the past.

A big thank you to all the Get Started team, especially Marty Drill who initially made the decision to support us, and in particular Beth Alcorn who has been there every step of the way with me behind the scenes.

The LCV Newsletter has come under my stewardship since I founded LCVi nine years ago and the time is fast approaching for the baton to be passed on.  So not only will you see a new format, there will also be a new name appear at the end of this item before too long.

Coming Events

Our last big event - participation in the Australia Day Parade

Laughternoon Tea:  Saturday 13th October 2012  At our recent LCV Committee meeting it was decided that the fun afternoon where members from all over the State come together to have soooo much fun laughing, learn about other club's activities and share the afternoon tea they have brought with them is to go on our calendar.  We are letting you know early so you can put it in your diary.
LCV 10th Birthday:  The weekend of 16/17 March 2013 is definitely one to make sure you are able to be part of to celebrate our first decade.  Planning is starting now and your thoughts and ideas to make it special are welcome.  Some thoughts are a workshop on the first day, a special dinner on the Saturday night and an early morning (not too early) laughter session on the Sunday.

Know your members -

We are getting to know our Committe Members and Laughter Leaders, and it would be great to expand this to our lovers of laughter from around our clubs.  Please send through the name and contact details of someone you'd like to read about, or know would be fun for us to be introduced to.   

A laugh a day keeps the doctor away!

Laugh of the month

Funny Birthday Card:  You open a card that has a really funny message and you walk around the group sharing it with everyone.  They show you the one they have received and you laugh even more.  

Diary Dates

Thu 06 May     -     World Laughter Day
Sun 03 June     -     LC Fed Square
Fri  08, Sat 9, Sun 10, Mon 11 June      -     Mind Body Spirit Festival

   Editor: Phillipa Challis
Secretary: Colleen Templeman
0412 383 978


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