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April 2012 - #90

President's Piece

Greetings Lover of Laughter,

First off I wish to pass on an apology to anyone who expected to meet up with Colleen and myself at Federation Square for a cuppa and laughter club on Sunday 4th March.  Thanks to the constant heavy rain I found myself again dealing with the effects of flooding in our area.  We have Happy Valley Creek directly behind our business in Myrtleford and Barwidgee Creek 150 metres from our home at Barwidgee.

As the rain was still bucketing down on the Saturday night, LCVi Secretary Colleen and I found our bravado disappearing.  I was starting to wonder 'if I get out in the morning, will I be able to get home tomorrow evening?'.  I decided it was better to be stuck on my home side of the creek.   Luckily the rain stopped, the creeks went down and all was well.  Sunday ended up being fine and even sunny! Colleen and I then found ourselves Ho ho ha ha,ing with each other on the phone on Sunday. Sort of a debrief I suppose.  Ha ha ha! (I fully recommend a phone laughter friend, that's another story).

How often do we need to just give in to what is happening around us and stop resisting?  We regularly strive to resist all sorts of things in our lives, sickness, people, change, all sorts of influences, sometimes even laughing!  If we are to live happily we must remember, many of the things we consider as adverse conditions can actually be of benefit to us.  All part of the learning and growing process thata doesn't end till the day we turn up our toes.  Remember "What we resist, persists!"

Which brings me back to laughter and how important it is for our health and happiness.  Laughing in the face of adversity!  Ho ho ha ha ha.  A challenge sometimes but very necessary.  Not just to dissolve our built up of stress, but to keep us connected on a heart and spirit level too.  We need each other and our connection to life, the universe and everything.  If you want to know the answer to Life the Universe and Everything, just have a look at the DVD 'Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy'.

Consider holding a 'Laughing in the Face of Adversity' session at your laughter club, or as a separate event in your locality.  Your local media or community health centre will generally be happy to help you promote it.  It's wonderful publicity for laughter clubs, laughter yoga and the brilliant benefits it brings to us all.

Enjoy the changing seasons and keep laughing!



Well I asked for feedback and thanks to a number of people making contact you'll see some changes over the next few editions of your LCV Newsletter.  It appears that people like knowing what's happening in our clubs, what events we've been involved with/in, and laughter news from our members, plus information on how to put more laughter into our lives.

LC (someone commented we should always put LC for Laughter Clubs as we all know what it stands for) Surrey Hills member Phil D sent through a great piece to make us smile which you'll read soon; Regina Northam (she said it was okay to use her full name) sent in the 'Thought of the Month' , an email from a member who I won't name as she didn't give me permission to do so (and we will always ask if it is ok to do so) was brutally honest about the level of journalism of past newsletters; disappointment was expressed about the non-appearance of the newsletters occasionally; and a another suggestion was that the newsletter be sent  at the beginning of the month. 

Get Started - Web Design and Development who have sponsored our newsletter for many years have some exciting news about our future newsletters, which will be announced in our May edition.

Would be great to have heaps of members' laughs and thoughts to put into the newsletter, as well as your stories of how LC has made its mark on your life.  Send them through to and they'll be sent on to me. 

Club News  

Myrtleford:  To clarify the time for LC Myrtleford it is on a Saturday at 1:00pm

Brunswick: The West Brunswick club is now to be known as LC Brunswick.

Surrey Hills: The address of the Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre is The Cottage, Bedford Avenue Surrey Hills.  Entry is free with SNH membership.

World Laughter Day

World peace through laughter:

World Laughter Day (WLD) is around the corner.  We all know that laughter is a powerful tool to lighten our burdens, create hope and propensity for life and living, a great resource for surmounting problems of the 21st Century and creating the much-needed peace in the world.

WLD events are for us the Laughter Clubs of Victoria to create awareness and set up laughter clubs, add more participants to our clubs and keep them going all over Victoria for all Victorians to enjoy whilst practicing the inner spirit of laughter.  Our goal is to endeavour for World Peace Through Laughter and together we all can make the difference.

 I have been going to the different laughter clubs to promote WLD 2012 and was received with gems, pearls, sparkles of laughter and smiles not mentioning the abundance of warmth and love.  Each club had a different flavour with unique twists and turns.  My golly, how talented are we all.

The gift and skill of laughter is wrapped in our hearts and mind and we unleash it at every laughter yoga session we enjoy weekly.  WLD is when we share what we hold precious with the larger community.  Please call me on 0431 166 002 if I have not come to your club and I will pop over as soon as  I can, and get you ready to be up on stage on the 6th May for WLD at Federation Square.  Creative ideas on how we can make WLD better and publicity insights are wholeheartedly welcomed.

Lets you and I make WLD 2012 the greatest ever.

In the Spirit of Laughter, Mahes Karuppiah-Quillen, Chairperson WLD Committee

Thought for the Day

" A well-balanced person is one who finds both sides of an issue laughable"

  Herbert Procknow

Another laughter story

Laughing in the face of adversity took on a whole new meaning for me this month.  I went to Bowen in northern Queensland to let 200 women know that they can do anything in their lives and that laughter makes it easier.

Apart from the days I arrived and left it rained.  This caused the organisers of the event some concern as roads started to flood.   Only six ladies couldn't get through and afterwards they all made it back to their homes.

It was still raining the next day as my experienced chauffer in his sturdy 4-wheel drive landcruiser  took to the very wet roads to drive the one hour to the airport.  I should mention at this point that I have always been scared, no that should be terrified, of driving in flood waters, a fact I hadn't mentioned to anyone.

As we approached each flooded area I had the biggest silent laugh, so as not to scare the driver and to lower my stress levels, and when the road was clear I simply laughed at everything we talked about.   When we were stopped 500 metres from the airport to be told it was closed I laughed even louder! 

I'm not sure if the laughter was because I couldn't fly out or  that we had to go back through the floodwaters.  The upshot was that I coudn't get out of Bowen for the next few days.  As I couldn't do anything about it, I went with the flow (pardon the pun) and shared lots of laughter with my hosts, and as the plane finally left I thought what a great adventure I'd just had.

Phillipa Challis, Geelong

Laugh of the Month

Car Wash

The group stands in two lines facing each other, laughing with their hands moving in different ways - like brushes and other equipment in a car wash.  Then the person on the end gets to run through the 'laughter wash' line.  When they get to the end of the line they become a brush again.  Everyone  in the group gets to run through the lines.

Diary Dates

Sun 14 Apr       -    LCVi Committee Meeting
Sun 06 May      -    World Laughter Day
Sun 03 Jun      -     LC Federation Square 
9,10,11 May     -     MInd Body Spirit Festival

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Secretary: Colleen Templeman
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