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February 2012 - #89

President's Piece

Hi ho lovers of laughter,

I trust all is well in your worlds.

To help support each other and see Laughter Clubs (LC) survive and thrive, we at LCVi would like to invite you all to send in your LC news and events. We will endeavour to publish and share as much as we can. New ideas do not always come from within...ha ha ha. We will always sit up and take notice of suggestions and ideas from all of you.

I have a request to all the readers of our newsletter. Please check that your LC details are correct on the LCVi web site. Let us know if any changes are needed. This happened with my own club at Myrtleford. We changed our meeting time over a year ago and I forgot to pass that bit of information on. Ho ho ha ha ha.

I would like to make sure that we have each and every LC in Victoria listed as well. Each club is VERY IMPORTANT and we want to make sure the world knows you’re there. Our secretary Colleen is always getting enquiries as to where clubs are and when they meet. Please make sure we can inform people about YOUR club.

I am also keen to meet as many LC people & leaders as possible. We are all like minded and share the passion of sharing Unconditional Laughter, so please consider making it to LC Federation Square on Sunday 4th March at 11.00am. Colleen and I will be there, along with other members of the LCVi committee.

Maybe we could catch up for a cuppa beforehand at the ACMI lounge at 10.00am. Colleen and I will be the ones with our eyes hanging out after leaving home at 5.45am. The price we pay for being country bumpkins. Ho ho ha ha ha! If you do make it, Colleen has long straight dark hair, and I have short blond curly hair. (Heckle & Jeckle). We will both be in the purple and yellow LCVi T-shirts, and we both look forward to meeting you.

Have a happy month & stay safe.
With Love & Laughter Blessings,


I’ve made time this month to go on line and have a look at what is happening at Laughter Clubs around the world. There are so many wonderful sites to view, and they all give generously of their experiences and stories gleaned from their members.

One item I read was posted by Lotte Mikkelsen in the UK who wrote that one of her Laughter Yoga leaders shared a pretty poem about laughter, and it’s certainly worth reposting –

Laughter is a melody
A concert from the heart
A tickling by the angels
Creative living art
Laughter heals and comforts –
It’s sometimes gentle, sometimes bold
Laughter is a freeing dance
Performed within the soul

It is wonderful to see that laughter yoga/therapy, call it what you will, has become 'main stream' and people embrace it in their daily lives, both in their workplace and in their day to day living. More people are becoming enlightened as to the benefits of laughter at all levels.

Club News


Myrtleford: LCVi is pleased to have two clubs in the area. Myrtleford Lodge held at 73 Prince Street led by Kym on a Thursday at 9:30am and Myrtleford held in the Neighbourhood Centre run by Fiona on a Saturday at 9:30am.
[Ed. Note: The challenge is there for leaders in other areas now. Who else can start another club in their town or suburb so we have two options in the area]

South Yarra: If people look at our 'Club Locations' they will note that the long running LC South Yarra will be coming together on an irregular basis until a permanent leader steps up to the plate. Enquiries to secretary Colleen 0412 383 978.

Melbourne - Albert Park: Wow how did that happen? They have so much fun on a Monday evening that a whole year gone. Congratulations to Laughter Leader (LL) Merv and the members who celebrate their first birthday this month.

Laughter Leader Training Workshop

Timing is everything, and this newsletter which is planned to go out to you each month in the third week, will just make it in time to let people know that there will be a LCVi Laughter Leader Training workshop on fourth Sunday of the month. That is this coming Sunday 26th February.

If the timing is right for you and you would like to be part of the fun-filled learning experience and to get the ‘how to do it’ low down on starting a club, or being a more active member in one, then you should contact LCVi immediately at to register and pay for your place.

Any questions can also be directed to the co-leaders Phillipa 0418 521265 or Bronwyn 0421 335197.


Australia Day 2012

We had our largest group ever in the People's Day March. Everyone agreed it was the best march yet with the weather near perfect for such an event. Our purple and yellow t-shirts stood out as we came down Bourke Street and along Swanston Street on our way to the Kings Domain Gardens on St Kilda Road and into the LCVi tent.

Our group of marchers carried a smiley flag in front of them, and we featured for a few seconds on the Channel 9 news that evening. Well done to those who spotted it.

The laughter session in the afternoon was enjoyed by a crowd who got involved on stage and sitting in the audience. Afterwards we had a lot of people come back to the LCVi tent wanting to know where they could find a club near them – we still have lots and lots of areas where clubs are needed.

To see more pictures from the day click on this link:!/pages/Laughter-Clubs-Victoria/172685249420049

Laughter Flash Mob! 

Last LCVi Newsletter we asked the question posed by Leader of LC Mitcham Bron Roberts, and this month we’ve added more information for you ...

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a FLASH MOB? I know I have! (Even if you if you don’t know what a flash mob is – read on)

Cath, the Bushfire Recovery Arts & Flashmobs Project Officer of the Nillumbik Shire Council (yes they really have one) is organising a Laughter Flash Mob on March 4th and she wants as many wonderful laughter professionals (that’s any one whose ever been to a laughter club or who has ever laughed) to join in all the fun.

All the details about the event (and about flash mobs if you’re new to the idea) can be found at:

To be a part of the flash mob all you need to do is sign up and then check out the 'Time for a laugh? Flashmob on the calendar'. (It’s under the SPACE header, the green section) That will give you all the details of what and when and any extra details will be emailed to you closer to the day. You might also like to check out the other events!

I’ll be there, I wouldn’t miss it for all the world, and I’d love to catch up with as many laughers as possible.

LCVi Ten Years On

People often ask what the 'i' in LCVi stands for. It is because we are an incorporated body and that means we are governed by a Committee of Management, and must operate under the rulings set out in the Associations Incorporations Regulations.

We were incorporated on 12 March 2003 and that means next year we celebrate ten years of putting more laughter into the community. Your Editor in enthusiasm of having been involved in the laughter therapy industry for a decade and wanting to mark that milestone, was premature in announcing the LCVi celebrations.

This now gives everyone in the LCVi community the opportunity to put forward ideas about how we can celebrate next year. Please send any thoughts through to or contact president Kym on 0431 329 840.

A Message about Laughter

I discovered the benefits of laughter medicine through a Laughter Club in NSW five years ago.

It was a real life line of support to me, when I was going through huge upheaval and in pain. Going to Laughter Club helped me to keep things in a healthy perspective. To be "silly" and laughing for half an hour a week was such a welcome change to all the serious challenges I was going through.

Gradually I have found the courage and stamina to change my life. For me, participating in Laughter Club has contributed greatly to the quality of my life.

I have now relocated to Melbourne and look forward to laughing with you, starting with LC Federation Square on 4th March.

Ed. Note. Thanks for the message Pippa – You’ll be made most welcome by all the laughers

Diary Dates

Thu 26 Feb     -     Laughter Yoga Leader Training
Sun 04 Mar     -     LC Fed Square
Sun 04 Mar     -     LCVi Committee Meeting
Sun 04 Mar     -     Flash Mob!
Sun 06 May     -    World Laughter Day

   Editor: Phillipa Challis
Secretary: Colleen Templeman
0412 383 978


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