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Jan 2012 - #88

President's Piece

New Year Greetings Laughter Lovers,  I trust you all enjoyed a happy, relaxing Festive Season and didn't miss your laughter clubs too much during the break.

I missed our laughter club very much as Christmas was a sad time for our family this year with the passing of our family dog. I am a positive person and can always look on the bright side, but it was tough going.  However feelings must be felt to heal. I really needed to laugh and just couldn't. Our laughter club resumed on 7th Jan and I still didn't feel like laughing at all but after attending a brilliant session at Myrtleford led by Fiona in no time I was feeling much better and the next day I felt back to normal. Very good, very good. Yayyyyyy! This experience has again reinforced to me just how POWERFUL laughter yoga is. We the converted must strive to encourage people who are experiencing suffering of any sort to come to Laughter club. Laughter really is the best medicine. We can strive to heal the world and pursue the founder of the laughter clubs  movement Dr Madan Kataria’s dream of world peace through Laughter.

Wishing you all peace & happiness through laughter for 2012.  Love & mirth, Kym

AUSTRALIA DAY It's a day you certainly want to be part of ---Australia Day is one of the most funfilled days on our calendar.  Just look at the photo below of our Laughter Club members and friendsfrom last year at the end of the march.  We will be marching in the People's Day March in the morning and running a laughter session in the afternoon. If you'd like to be part of the marching group or the performance, or both, all the details are on our web site            Happy Laughers on Australia Day 2012

Laughter Leader Training Workshop

Want a club in your area and there isn't one? This is your chance to change that.

Attend our Laughter Leader Training Workshop on Sunday 29 February 2012 and make it happen.

Be part of an interactive funfilled  workshop that will give you all the information you need to be up and running within no time at all. You will leave with a bank of laughs and the basic details passed on to you by long standing Laughter Leaders/Laughter Yoga Teachers Phillipa Challis and Bronwyn Roberts.

Email for a flyer and registration form.


The Anniversary of the formation of Laughter Clubs Victoria Inc will be celebrated on Sunday 4 March 2012. Laughter Club Federation Square at 11am is where it will all be happening - watch this space for more details .....

World Laughter Day

Geelong Laughter Club members travelled to West Brunswick Laughter Club to hand over the World Laughter Day trophy they shared last year.  They were voted equal winners for the Best Club Laugh.



The 2012 WLD organisers are saying it would be wonderful to have most of our clubs participate in this category this coming May.  Has your club got a stand out laugh to share with the audience which could win you a trophy?  With 12 weeks to prepare for it we should see some beauties.


                                            Handing over the trophy


Who are you? Colleen Templeman



Your role on the committee? Secretary



Your club? Wodonga



How long have you been part of the club? Since I formed LC Wodonga in September 2011



How did you become involved? Through attending a laughter presented by our President Kym Goodman and immediately thought – i want to be part of the laughter movement



Family?          Two beautiful daugters



Favourite Memory? Holding my children for the first time.  Both times is was special



Favourite Book?  To Kill a Mockingbird



Favourite Smell?       The ocean



Favourite TV Show?            Big Bang Theory



Cat or Dog?   Dog – even though my dog is put together all wrong J



Hobbies?       Laughter Yoga, Writing, keeping fit



Where would you like to be right now?     Right where I am because that’s where I’m supposed to be



What would you like to learn?        How to make the world laugh more



Passion?        My children,  All my family



What do you want to be remembered for?            Making a positive difference

Laughter Flash Mob!!

From Bronwyn Roberts - Mitcham Club Laughter Leader

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a FLASH MOB? I know I have! (Even if you don't know what a flash mob is - read on)

Cath, the Bushsfire Recovery Arts & Flashmobs Project Officer of the Nillumbik Shire Council (yes they really have one) is organising a Lalughter Flash Mob on 4 March and she wants as many wonderful laughter professionals (that's any one who has ever been to a laughter club or who has ever laughed) to join in all the fun.

All the details about the event (and about flash mobs ilf you're new to the idea) can be found at I'll be there, I wouldn't miss it for all the world.

Editor's Notes

In the interest of putting more laughter into the community we are happy to publish information about laughter events.

Changing your email address? It would be great to receive notification when you have a new email. Please send through the information to our Secretary via email to Thank you

Laugh for the Month

Aussie Bushman's Laugh  :  Walking around the group (or marching in the Australia Day March)  smiling and waving at people and brushing away those peskie flies that hang around on a hot day

Coming Events

Thu 26 January   -   Aust Day Celebrations
Sun 5 February   -   LC Fed Square
Sun 29 Feb         -  Laughter Leader Training Workshop                                                           

Sun 4 March   -   LC Fed Square
Sun 4 March   -   LCVi 10th Anniversary

             Editor: Phillipa Challis 0418 521 265

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