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Dec 2011 - #87

President's PieceHi ho ho Lovers of Laughter, I trust you are all keeping up your Ho ho ha ha ha's for some sanity at this time of the year.

The LCVi December committee meeting survived with me chairing it and our secretary Colleen taking notes. We both have to leave home around, yawn..6am, Har harrr harrrrgh! to be part of Federation Square Laughter Club at 11am which is worth leaving early for. (We do make time for COFFEE prior!) Try and make it to Fed Sq whenever you can because it's FUN and GRREAT promotion for our clubs. It’s on the 1st Sunday every month at 11am and led by different laughter leaders from around Victoria. Mahes has offered to run a second one at Fed Sq, and we hope early in the new year to move to LC Fed Sq being held fortnightly on the 1st & 3rd weeks of the month. Very good,very good, Yayyyyyyy! So watch our newsletter for when that starts.

I am delighted to tell you that LCVi has it's very first Life Member. Can you guess who? Hint. It's a tribute to our founder, much loved, and tireless campaigner. The Yayyy goes to Phillipa Challis. (I am sure some of you guessed!) It's a challenge to put into words how much this amazing lady has done for LCVi. Sometimes, under very adverse conditions she has pushed on. So Pip, CONGRATULATIONS on your Life Membership into Laughter club's Victoria. I think we have invented a new laughter exercise....'The Bowl Pip Over Laugh' - It's the shocked and delighted look one gets on their face and the laughter which follows when they receive VERY SURPRISING & happy news. Give it a try.

Have you all visited LCVi's Facebook page? and Please give us a Like. We are happy to be friends with anyone. Ha ha ha. You are welcome to post your club news, events, new laughs. You name it. If it helps inspire other like minded folks, please go for it!

We are also on Twitter - so I am told. J He he he. I haven't progressed that far yet, with my time or computer skills. I know I am not the only one! Again anyone who can...go for it, Twitter away! Ho ho ha ha ha

That's enough from me. By the way we didn't exactly have a flood of ideas of how to get more people to our laughter clubs & keep them...I have patience.

Have a Very Happy and Peaceful Christmas full of Love & Laughter.

Kym : )

Editorial Every one of our LCVi laughter clubs give much pleasure to hundreds of members of the public, indeed thousands of people have had a laugh since the clubs started in 2002 [Date to put in your diary - Sunday 4 March – we celebrate 10 years since Laughter Clubs Victoria Inc came into existence.]

Over the Christmas/New Year holiday period people travel wide and far. Knowing we can get a dose of laughter just by making a phone call to a local club when we are away can lead to all sorts of fun – do get in touch by looking at the Club Locations on our web site when you travel, and yes, of course we want to know about the laughter you shared.

The laughter ‘tribe’ (as communities are often described these days) is a warm and sharing one that, no matter where they are located, they are always happy to share a giggle or two, or three. If you are travelling overseas you might have a look on

A big thank you to all the contributors to our LCV Newsletter for your enthusiasm, your willingness to share and having given a gift of your thoughts and laughter experiences. Warmest wishes to everyone for a festive season full of chuckles and chortles shared with family and friends and for a healthy happy year in 2012.


Club News South Yarra: One of our longest standing clubs is looking for someone to take on a high paying job – high paying ‘in kind’ that is, meaning you will get to have fun on a weekly basis, enjoy yourself immensely and have the satisfaction of knowing you have given people the opportunity to put more laughter into their lives. . A leader and an anchor person, (Editor’s Note: An anchor person is someone who stands in and leads the laughter club the odd time a leader cannot be there) are still needed for the South Yarra Laughter Club. They will still get together in Fawkner Park until a permanent leader emerges. Contact Secretary Colleen if you are interested.

Hampton: Hampton had a lovely Christmas party at the home of their Laughter Leader Jenny. Our report from Heather-mae says it was great. They had a Kris Kringle, and as each person unwrapped their gift they repeated 'ho ho ha ha ha' until they had their gift unwrapped. After the person held up their gift, they called out 'just what he/she wanted'. Much fun was had by all.

Trophy for Club with the Best Laugh at World Laughter Day: LC Geelong will be visiting LC West Brunswick in January to hand over the trophy they won on WLD. The clubs drew for the title of Club with the Best Laugh and the trophy which has been held at Geelong is moving to West Brunswick.

Operation of Clubs over the Christmas/New Year Break: To find out if a laughter club you want to attend is operating, please look at the club locations on our web site and ring the laughter leader to check. Or contact President Kym 0431 329 840 or Secretary Colleen 0412 383 978.

T-Shirts: Our wonderful LCVi purple and yellow t-shirts are extremely popular and are excellent for getting us noticed in public. Good news. If you’d like t-shirts for your club in a different colour, then Rutland Merchandise who have been our supplier for many years will be happy to help. Send an email to addressed to Troy and let him know what you are after.

Laughter Leader Training Workshop


Congratulations to our newly qualified laughter leaders who did the workshop in November. It’s always exciting when we learn that a new club is about to be launched as a result of someone doing their training. Two people have indicated they are keen to start a group early in 2012. One will be around the Preston area.

World Laughter DayPreparations for World Laughter Day 2012 on the first Sunday in May (WLD) has began with organiser Mahes going to different laughter clubs to promote WLD. She says - Laughter is to be valued as a basic need, as important as love and life itself. Let’s make 2012 WLD a CELEBRATION OF BEING ALIVE, enhancing loving relationships, releasing our 'fun child, embracing health and happiness, profiting from fun and play at work, enjoy new beginnings. Together we can spread the message far and wide. I have received such love and warmth with abundance of laughter with new and unique twists and turns, and my thoughts are 'how talented are we all'. I am so very motivated and from the response from the clubs, I think WLD is going to be yet the best. Do expect a call from to come to your laughter club, can’t wait to see you there.


Mahes has a song infused with ho ho ha ha ha done by a friend that has been recorded which will be put on YouTube and sent out to you so that we can all be familiar with it on WLD. Any new ideas are welcomed wholeheartedly, and should be sent to with Attention: WLD Organiser in the subject line. In deed if you’d like contribute to the running of the day you would be welcome on the WLD Sub-Committee and Mahes would be very happy to hear from you.

Australia Day Celebrations 2012This is a 'you have to be there' event for the year. On Thursday 26 January LCVi will once again participate in the 2012 Australia Day: Our Day Our March which starts mid morning. Last year some 3,000 people marched down Swanston Street into Kings Domain Gardens and joined in the day long activities. This includes LCVi running a laughter session during the afternoon and having a tent with a display about us. If you want to join in the fun and be in the March please send an email now to with Aust Day 2012 in the subject line. Look for a flyer which will be sent out early in the New Year.

Thought for the MonthFrom one of our laughter leaders -

A fascinating thing happened at laughter club last night. One of the folks came along who didn't want to. Let me explain...they had the choice to come and laugh even when they didn't want to, or to stay at home. Needless to say the former was the path they chose and they left healthy happy and enlightened.

The moral of this story is that you need to laugh MORE when you don't want to...Laughter Yoga does this in a way that no other can,.So next time when you say to yourself "I don't want to go to the Laughter Club" that's when you reach for the keys to your car and get going!!! (ha ha ha)

Editor’s Note: Would all readers of the LCV Newsletter please take this as a direct invitation to send through a contribution for the "Thought for the Month" (or any other section, especially 'Laugh of the Month'). Please send them to and in the subject line put Attention: LCV Newsletter Editor

Laugh of the Month"The laughing thread"

Oh laughing time is here   (or Oh Christmas time is here)
Come thread up some cheer
Take this laughing thread
And thread it through your ears
Oh, Ha, Ha, Ha  (Pretending you are flossing out your ears)

Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho       (Mary Poppins song I love to laugh type laugh)
Oh, Ha, Ha, Ha,
Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho,

Down throughout the year
All our little friends
Make this special thread
That tickles in our ears

All the laughing beings
Spin this little thread
So that you and I
Can run it through our ears

With this laughing thread
We can hear our friends
Laughing around the world
When we’re tucked up in bed

Rob Rowley, copywriter 15/11/2011 

Coming Events

Sun 1 January 2012   -   LC Fed Square

Thu 26 January   -   Aust Day Celebrations
Sun 5 February   -   LC Fed Square
Sun 4 March   -   LC Fed Square
Sun 4 March   -   LCVi 10th Anniversary

             Editor: Phillipa Challis 0418 521 265

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