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November 2011-#86


Giggle Greetings Laughter Lovers,

We keep hearing about laughter being the best medicine & people like ourselves know that to be true. However trying to convince others of that can be a bit challenging at times. How do we get people to come to our laughter clubs to share the health benefits & fun? I know it doesn't take much to set me off enthusiastically spruiking the wonderful benefits of Laughter Yoga to anyone who will listen. Ho ho ha ha ha.


Our laughter club in Myrtleford has hosted several events in our town. We have tried 'Bring a friend day', even personal written invitations. I jump at the chance to be the 'guest speaker' wherever I can wiggle my way in. You won't believe how many pens I now have!

On a good day we have 8-10 laughers at our Laughter club. I thought by now after 2 years we would have at least 30! (That’s my visualization) He he he.


So...laughing friends, what has worked for you? How have you brought people into your laughter club? I am asking you to send us your thoughts; we will compile a list of your suggestions & ideas to share in next month's newsletter.


Being part of the World Laughter Movement I feel sure we are all keen to share the amazing benefits of laughter with the world.  Together We Can Do It!!     Ho ho ha ha ha. Again!  Looking forward to hearing your ideas. 

Have a Yayyy in your day!

President Kym J



It is always nice to be invited back to an event.  Our involvement with the MIND BODY SPIRIT FESTIVAL is one that we’ve had for many years, with LCVi being part of their festivals in Melbourne twice a year.   Thanks to Phillipa, Lynette and Mahes for each leading one of the 30-minute presentations from the main stage over the 3 days of the festival held earlier this month.  And thanks also to those members who came down and were part of the fun.

LCVi has also been invited to be part of 2012 AUSTRALIA DAY CELEBRATION’S Our Day Our March. This is an annual invitation which is one of the most enjoyable days on our calendar and one to note in your diary now for Thursday 26 January.

Being part of festivals, celebrations and expos is a fantastic way to get ourselves in front of the public, so if you know of an event that we might like to be involved with please send an email to  and let us know so we can put ourselves forward.


Club News South Yarra :  11 people braved the worst rainy windy weather last Saturday and all said without doubt it was the very best get together they had shared for the year.  They are still looking for someone to be the permanent Laughter Leader for the club and if you would like to step up to the plate please contact Sharon Baydar on 0424 516 707 or send her an email to


At this time of year there are many clubs organising ‘end of year’ events, and this is the place to let people know if you’d like them to join in the merriment.   To celebrate the years a club has been running sometimes there are special outings arranged.  People with major birthdays are often acknowledged with a picture.  This newsletter is for Laughter Club members to enjoy so do send through your news/invites/pictures for all to share.

One such happy occasion was a Laughter Club Wedding.  Below is a picture of Laughter Club Hampton member Heather-mae who married Ivars at the club’s usual meeting place, back in 2007.  On the day Laughter Leader Annie led a number of laughs for the bridal party to enjoy and afterwards at the reception even more laughter followed.

 Go to to be part of the laughter community online.


Mahes, In the Spirit of Laughter, writes .....

As organising chairman of World Laughter Day which is held on the first Sunday in May,  it is my pleasure again to invite all LCVi family members to share any novel ideas, wishes, comments, suggestions so as to send a blast of laughter on World Laughter Day 2012 on 6th May to be carried in a wave across Melbourne to imbibe the spirit of laughter to one and all.

As William Makepeace Thackeray said "A good laugh is sunshine in a house", lets get sunshine into every household  in our most liveable city.

My contact number is 0431 122 004 and email


Class 101 - Quick Tips for Enjoying Laughter Club

Arrive 5 minutes before the appointed starting time Wear your best smile Greet everyone with a smiling giggle Come prepared to have loads of  fun

Think of the funniest thing that happened during the week that could be converted into a laugh for the group

Be ready to let your inner child out

Forget the weather – rain is so good to play in (when was the last time you did that?)

Be popen to embracing all the laughs on offer

Bring family and friends along

Enjoy the company of your fellow laughers

Laugh out loud and long




Gradient Line Laugh


Stand in lines of 5 or 6 people (depending how many there at the time).  One of the end people start with a quiet laugh, then the next person laughs a bit louder, and as it goes along the line, it gets even louder.  The end person runs to the front of the line while the rest of the line are clapping and saying ho ho ha ha ha (like when you play volley ball).  The gradient line of laughter starts again with a quiet laugh, building to a loud laugh, and continues until everyone has had a turn at starting it off.  The winning line of people then get a very good, very good yeah from everyone there.



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