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October 2011- #85

Laughter Clubs in Victoria are at the beginning of an exciting new era.  Any association is only as good as its organising committee, and we have people with new roles on our committee of management and we are bound to see fresh ideas and terrific events taking place. 

Kym Goodman (LC Myrtleford) is the third President to lead a group of energetic and enthusiastic laughter lovers to fulfil the LCVi mission ‘To promote and support community laughter clubs in Victoria’.  She will be closely assisted by Colleen Templeman (LC Wodonga) has taken on the role of Secretary.

It is often said that it takes ten years to become an overnight success.  That’s really excellent for LCVi as we enter our 10th year of putting more laughter out into the community.  Our thanks go to all those people who have been on the committee in the past for getting us to this stage, and all of us who are currently involved – let’s laugh out loud for the whole world to hear and know that laughter clubs in Victoria is moving on to even bigger things  ...

2011-2012 LCVi COMMITTEE OF MANAGEMENT At the AGM at the beginning of October the following people were elected for the coming twelve months -

President  :  Kym Goodman

Vice President : Mahes Karuppiah-Quillen

Secretary : Colleen Templeman

Treasurer  :  Deborah Peters Committee Members : Phillipa Challis, Terry Osborn, Lois Polglaze, Jenny Parker, Rhonda Pickett. Bronwyn Roberts
Congratulations to everyone on their successful nominations.  If you would like to pass on your good wishes to them, their contact numbers can be found on the LCVi website.  Congratulations also to Lynette Mitchell (LC Ferntree Gully) who is going to take charge of our Web site in future. 

PRESIDENT’S PIECE  Laughter Greetings!

Thank you for the warm welcome to the President’s chair. It’s lovely and inviting thanks to the two people who have sat in it over the years.  Ho ho ha ha ha. Firstly the Founder of LCVi Phillipa Challis followed by immediate Past President Bronwyn Robertson.  And many others have most certainly paved the way for me and the new committee of LCVi.

I could say we have very big shoes to fill. However in this position and that of the committee, one size fits all! We are here for you all. So I invite anyone who reads this message to please feel free to email or phone anyone of us, anytime with your suggestions and ideas on how We Can Help You. That is how I see this committee, a support group for Laughter Clubs and its Laughter Leaders. In doing that we will be helping keep our very important Laughter Clubs alive & laughing.

It’s a two way street though. You Laughter Lovers need to support us too. The committee of LCVi will bend over backwards to promote Laughter Yoga. While Phillipa is known for saying that she spreads the ‘happidemic’ of laughter, I say “Spread the hypodermic of laughter” and we will definitely ask for your co-operation every now and then to help with these happy injections. We have heaps of ideas, but like most of you we are busy people and cannot do it all alone. Our meetings are held after Federation Square Laughter Club on the first Sunday of each month. All of you are welcome to come along. Check out the LCVi website for more info.
I will finish by saying to Phillipa Challis as Founder of LCVi - Very good, very good. Yayyyyyyyy!!  A huge thank you and very well done for all you have achieved for LCVi.    You too Bronwyn Roberts - Very good, very good. Yayyyyy!  Time for you both to RELAX, just a bit!  Ho ho ha ha ha.

Love & looking forward to meeting you for laughinglotsnloud!

Kym Goodman J

We'd love to hear your laughter news and any other stories you'd like to pass on.  To be part of the laughter community on line log on to us at

 @laughterclubsvic - let's get LCVi on there and happening

CLUB NEWS Diamond Valley – Eltham    ****New Name**** No change to time or location, just a change of name to reflect the area that it covers. LC Eltham was started by Carolyn who also started Mildura (where she returns regularly to run more laughter) and for which we say a big thank you.  

Fitzroy North ****Change of time****

(Sometimes appears as North Fitzroy J)  Due to daylight savings now at 10:00am

Myrtleford – Lodge  Contact number for Kym now 0431 329 840

South Yarra    ****Location movement****

Venue still Fawkner Park but now next to the community rooms and tennis courts in the round area/play area

LAUGHTER LEADER TRAINING WORKSHOP Sunday 29 November :  Altona, Melbourne  :  9:30 – 5:00pm

Learn how YOU can start your own laughter club, fill your life with more laughter and get the community laughing towards being a happier, healthier nation physically, emotionally, mentally and socially! Come on and join in the global laughter family and the movement of laughter for world peace, because when we are laughing together, we can work and connect together...

These are the words of Kathy Popplewell when she is involved with training days in NSW who also says, Sharing laughter is also a great way to get outside of ourselves and help make a difference to the lives, wellbeing and happiness of others (plus you can't share it even a little without enjoying the benefits yourself as well).

 If you’re interested in attending the laughter leader training workshop with our LCVi facilitators contact email for a flyer/registration form to be part of the day on Sunday 29 November 2011 in Altona.  Further information is available by ringing Phillipa 0418 521 265 or Bronwyn 0421 335 197



Recently on 60 Minutes during a piece on happiness that LC Melbourne – Albert Park Laughter Leader Merv was involved with the segment being filmed, President Kym was briefly interviewed when she was wearing one of our purple and yellow t-shirts.  It really stood out so much so that an interested person got in touch with me, and now we have one new regular laugher at a club. It’s really great when laughter clubs are put in front of the public. 


This year we are going to experience four unusual dates: 1/1/111/11/1111/1/1111/11/11, and that's not all; Take the last two digits of the year you were born and the age you will be this year and the result up to 111 for everyone!!!!  

Also, this year, October has 5 Sundays, 5 Mondays and 5 Saturdays.



Want to have some fun while promoting LCVi to the public?  Happy to give 30 minutes of your time to it?  Would you like to go to the MBS Festival?  If you answered yes to these questions, then read on. FREE entry into the MBS Festival is yours when you go on the roster to be part of our daily (Friday 18, Saturday 19 or Sunday 20 November) 12:30pm laughter session from the main stage.  If you can come on any of the days or in fact all of the days please contact Phillipa on 0418 521 265 or to arrange for your ticket.

Diary Dates
Sunday 2 November

Laughter Club Federation Square

18, 19, 20 November

Mind Body Spirit Festival

Sunday 27 November Laughter Leader Training Workshop
Sunday 4 December 

Laughter Club Federation Square

Sunday 4 December

LCvi Committee Meeting

          Editor: Phillipa Challis 0418 521 265

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