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March 2011 - #82

'Strong people make as many mistakes as weaker people.  The difference is that strong people admit their mistakes, laugh at them, learn from them.  That is how they become strong...' - R Needham.

As a regular reader you'll be aware there was a hiccup with the publishing of our last newsletter which went out as the February/March edition, and you're now receiving the March edition.

Life is about choices, and when the hiccup occurred there were two options - laugh or cry.  Once a 'send' button is pushed on computers there is no going back, and well, you dear laughter people know what happened .. two January editions.

Laughter club members make a choice each time they share laughter with their group.  Comments like 'I really didn't feel like going to laughter club today, and I'm so glad I did because afterwards I felt terrific' (sometimes they're the words of the leaders too, those who give so freely of their time), or 'I felt tired and lethargic after a hard week, and now I feel energised again', are often heard.

 [Ed. Note.  I'm happy to publish a piece around 100-150 words about the time you made a mistake and how you made the choice to laugh.  Look out for our first one, further into the newsletter]


LAUGH FOR KIDSGot a minute to spare - then on Friday 25th March head to Federation Square for a laugh.  Melbourne     |     Main Square, Federation Square - Cnr Swanston and Flinders Street, Melbourne     |     Laughter Workshop from 12noon, and                           Laugh for 1 minute at 12:30pmDid you know that laughing for 15 seconds is said to add 2 days to your life span - imagine what laughing for 1 minute would do!!If you are in Melbourne visit Fed Square on Friday 25th March to Laugh for Kids, warm up with a laughter workshop from 12noon, and take some time out from work to have a laugh and raise money for a great cause.              Check out

Club News

South Yarra: Saturday 10:30am     Laughter Leader Sharon [0424 516 707] extends an invitation to all LCVi members, their families and friends to join them on Saturday 9th April at 10:30am, when they will be having a bigger than usual laughter group.

They will be sharing the leading and asking people to put a donation in the hat for Japan's recovery, and they will end with a beautiful meditation.  It will also be a great opportunity to get people together before the big World Laughter Day event in May.  As Sharon herself says - kind of warms people up. 

 It would be great to have hundreds of you become part of the laughter community on line.  Open the page and copy and paste the address directly from the address bar.  The LCVi link is

Laughter Leader Training Workshop Sunday 27 March is the date of our next LCVi certified Laughter Leader Training Workshop which will be held at the Altona Library.

Bookings are still being taken for our full day training.  Its a must attend if you want to start a laughter club in your area.  As a result of our last training day the Mt Evelyn Laughter Club was launched. 

Contact Phillipa on 0418 521 265 for a registration form to complete before the day - so you can receive a training manual and certificate on the day.

World Laughter Day  We are aiming to make the celebrations on Sunday 1st May 2011 at Laughter Club Federation Square the biggest and brightest yet. Your thoughts and ideas as to how we can make this happen are welcome and should be directed to Mahess on 0431 166 002, or emailed to

 Laughter makes the moment memorableHalloween in America is celebrated in a big way, as my family found out when we spent twelve months there on an exchange program.  We were all invited to go to a 'please come in fancy dress of the country of your heritage' party, and spent hours working on our costumes.  Once inside the house we found that our outback Australia fancy dress was not in keeping with their 'fancy' dress - they meant fancy as in semi formal!  The kids wanted to run away crying, but I laughed at our mistake, our hosts smiled and they had a laugh as they took off their ties and unbuttoned shirts.  We were the hit of the night, with all the families in the room speaking to us, people laughing with us about our cork hats, and when we  taught them all the words of Waltzing Matilda, they laughed even more.  Vera, Frankson.

                   Laughter Club version of Twister

Laugh of the Month

Moomba Day Procession:  Everyone chooses what they'd like to be in the Moomba Procession.  They can be clowns, a piper wearing a kilt, Carmen Miranda with a head dress covered in fruit, or any other person or character they like.

Everyone walks around and laughs like their character - maybe  playing the drums in a band, a ballet dancer or  someone on stilts. When the laughter dies down, people try and guess who people are trying to be.

Diary Dates
Friday 25 March

Laugh for Kids at Federation Square

Sunday 27 March

Laughter Leader Training Workshop

Sunday  3 AprilLaughter Club Federation Square
Sunday 1 May

World Laughter Day

Sunday 29 May

Laughter Leader Training Workshop


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